Is basketball a modern form of slavery?

I was thinking about professional basketball players in the US.
Is that a modern form of slavery?

They work out every day, which leads to them needing to sleep more than the average human.

They are famous, but because they need to keep their bodies in top shape, they can't eat, drink or party the way their status would allow.

Not only are their bodies bound, so are their speech and actions. They should avoid controversies on and off the pitch, which can cause damage to their value and the stability of the team.

Sounds kind of slave-like to me.

But in return for what they give up, players make more than eight million USD on average every year.

That is not so slave-like.

It is as if the players are living in an extremely well-paid cage of their own choosing.

But isn't that what we are all doing?

Whatever occupation we chose, there is labor, limitations, and rewards. There is no way to opt out of a cage. We just have to pick what type of cage fits our preferences the best.

I've picked the self-employed / consultancy one.

How about you?

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