The Emperors Clothing in Plato's Cave

I'm amazed by the concept of reality.

I've noticed that my reality is quite different from almost everyone I ever come across.

Someone will say "this will take 6 months"

I'm able to do it in 6 weeks.

When someone says: "This project is too difficult, we can't do it"

A couple of months later, I've delivered the project on my own, without their help.

The allegory of the cave

This gets me thinking of Plato's Cave. People around me seem unable to realize the potential around them. And in the rare cases of those who can see the potential decide to stay passive.

I think this is something bad. And I think this is a learned behavior.

My best guess is that it's trained in school and after 10+ years of schooling almost no one remembers how it is to see the world as it is and be willing to act on opportunities.

As my dear friend Eero Mäkelä says - 'If you don't push yourself to stay creative and open-minded, you will succumb to the system'

Without speaking the truth, the reality is hidden

It comes down to the truth. You have to speak the truth of what you see, to conceptualize it in your mind. When you are afraid to say what's going on in your life, your work, your relationships; your mind will not allow you to understand the real world.

Just like the emperor's clothing; the only way to see that the emperor is naked is for someone to say that he is. 

Without speaking the truth, the reality is hidden.

Pro tip:

If you don't want to live in Plato's cave, start telling the truth in what you see. 

Dare to speak your mind. 

You will see a new world unfold.

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