Why You Should Stop Being Such a Consumer [3 Simple Steps to Start Creating Your Own Content]

I'm producing way more online content now than I've done in the past. Why? Because I wanted to stop being such a big consumer and instead become more of a producer.

Why not just consume?

I guess you can - I'm not judging. And you who is reading this, you are consuming my text, so there is of course a place for consuming.

What I started thinking about is where the hours I used to spend watching YouTube video after YouTube video, not even remembering what I watched. Or watching some series on Netflix. Or playing some game.

I realized that most of the time, I pass a certain point where the much needed "relaxing" became a complete waste of time. I don't feel more relaxed for watching or playing longer - instead, I avoid going to sleep and become tired the next day.

Too many of us behave as if time is free. We spend it left and right without much consideration since we have an abundance of it. If we waste too much of that time we will never create something amazing. Think of all the paintings, books, sculptures, inventions and businesses created. It required productive energy and effort - not sitting at home and looking at a screen.

Forever Employable

Everyone has something interesting to say, but most of those interesting points are hidden because they don't share them. People have seemed to enjoy my opinion and perspective in the past, so why not do something about it and actually share it with a wider audience?

The real kick for me to start writing came from two directions: first, it was listening to an interview with Jeff Gothelf about his new book: Forever Employable. One of the core messages in the book is to start sharing your perspective in order to position yourself in the market and be a known player to future employers.

The second was the decision to take the small group of supporting business friends, Dream Tribe, and expand it to help more people get the same benefit we have all been enjoying. In order to get people to know about the concept, we decided that it would be good to start generating some content.

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Focus, opinions and meaning

A positive effect of writing is that it helps me focus my thoughts. It helps to get my arguments straight and proudly state where I stand on an issue - which in the best cases causes someone to reply and possibly even give some counter-arguments.

Counter-arguments bring opportunities for me to find flaws in my own thinking and improve on the concepts. It also helps the receiver clarify their own thinking when taking a counter stand against my own.

Maybe one of the biggest positive effects is that it feels meaningful. Only consuming doesn't give me the good feels. When relaxing is spaced out by creating something that is wholly my own, it gives me much satisfaction. In its simplest form, it is fixing something in the house, and in its fullest form, it's when I'm creating a piece of art. I guess blogging like this is somewhere in the middle.

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How to start?

  1. Start taking notes on topics that interest you
  2. Send one topic with a some minimal context as a message to me
  3. I'll support you towards your first creation (just for the fun of coaching :) )

Thank you for reading! I hope this inspires you to create something that is your own creative endeavour, not only doing your daily chores and resting your eyes at a screen :)

If you want to get involved with the Dream Tribe visit

An honourable mention goes to Neil Napier for his workshop two years ago, covering the topic "how to inspire people to start becoming producers of their own things, not just go to work and then home to consume".

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