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Teach anything with the accelerator model:
A modern approach to designing and running an outcome-focused learning environment

A practical book that will share with you insights on how you can create a fast-paced learning environment.

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Team Building

For larger companies, cities, universities and other institutions that want to use the accelerator model

Theory Preparation Icon

For individuals who want to learn how the accelerator model works in a practical way




I'm the type of guy you bring in when you want positive
change. I bring the energy, experience, and a creative
take on solving even the most complex of problems.

I've been running accelerators in different formats since 2018. As a growth minided person, I've always looked to improve and make the next program better. This includes reflecting on my own work but also being curious; reaching out to other accelerator people to learn from their experiences and reading books and academic articles on the topic.

I wanted to make this book to show that the accelerator model has a much broader implementation area than the classical target of startups. I firmly believe that it is the most effective fool for getting great outcomes than any other ways of getting behavioral change. 



A how-to guide to create accelerator programs, for startups, trainees, spin-offs & internationalization.

How to use the accelerator model for almost anything


Over time, old accelerator programs usually keep on going,
while new ones are continuously added. There are new
people creating accelerator programs every year.

Since the corona pandemic (yes it has to be mentioned)
the internationalization of programs has become
complete, meaning companies can have an easier time
comparing and choosing what programs to enter.

The availability of online educational material and
accelerator-like (such as pioneer. app) support groups have
also increased, giving alternatives for companies not to
even engage in any accelerator program.

That’s why I thought it was a good idea to write this book.
There is no comprehensive how-to guide when it comes to
creating an accelerator program that works. That is why
this book exists: to help you make your first-ever
accelerator program.

And for those of you reading this book who happens to
already have your own program - you should be able to
find some good tips and tricks that help you make it even

Teach Anything With the Accelerator Model is aimed at you who want to challenge the way that things are normally taught. In this book you will learn how to create a learning environment which focuses on outcomes, not what is being taught.

This is a practical book that will share with you the insights on how you can create a fast-paced learning environment. In the book you will explore the dos and don'ts of the model presented in a do-it-yourself methodical way.

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