Is basketball a modern form of slavery?

When you are a professional basketball players, you don't have much freedom. You have money that you can't enjoy. You are in a cage. But maybe we all are?

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Zero sum games brings out the worst in people and how to avoid it

Zero-sum games suck but you are probably in one. This post explains why they are bad and how you can get out.

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The Power of Head Hunted Friends

How to make reliable friends using a purpose-built supportive environment and who to pick to join.

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I'm a Victory Rush Addict

How to motivate yourself using small victories, creating a virtuous circle

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Someone Needs to Do Something About It - Who Is It?

How to use your own self-speech to your own advantage and get things done - or get them of your chest

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Reaching the Boss in Two Calls - Every Time (Fin)

How to use the best Finland has to offer for business - the ease of which you can reach a decision maker

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