The Emperors Clothing in Plato's Cave

Some peole are outperforming others by 100 times. One point is to see reality. This blogpost explores what you need to do to see what they see.

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You Should Charge When Teaching [The Three Benefits of Charging for Educational Content]

How charging for your work changes the creator-consumer dynamic in your favor

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How to Heal the Achilles Heel of Online Courses [How to Make Online Educational Material Work]

How to make online education work by using real human interaction and ture community building

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It's Not Easy Having a Machine Looking for Trouble

Challenges with understanding a research project and the commercialization aspects

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How to Beat Reverse Rationalization

Project failure can be caused by underlying emotions. Here is how to identify what is going on and adjust in order to bring back the energy into your work.

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This is Why You Never Learn Anything From a Workshop

How to fix the broken concept of a “workshop” and make it educational again

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