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The Benefits of Being Unclear

I hate people who are not clear. Especially if they don't get to a relevant point quickly.

But recently I've found myself being unclear much more often than I would have liked. If I would talk to myself, I would be very irritated.

The reason is that I'm trying out something new - being more open to others' perspectives.

I'll blurt out a half-assed plan just to see what others think before I make up my mind. This gives them a chance to give input without having to feel like they are challenging my original position.

The flip side of this openness to changes is that team members might feel confused about what work should be done since the direction isn't clear.

I guess there is a balance.

If the team can work together, communicate about when it gets too rigid and when it gets too loose, would allow for finding the right balance over time. And results will show over time as well what is effective.

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