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Here you can find some of the cool workshops Rasmus has held. These are not the only concepts Rasmus is skilled in speaking about multiple topics and also holding longer workshops.

How to be Forever Employable

The interactive seminar is primarily based on the insights from the book “Forever Employable” by Jeff Gothelf, combined with Rasmus's insights from his own life and others that are implementing the techniques.

💪 Competence, signalling and how you make use of both;
💼 How to get the next job to find you, not the other way around;
🚩 Planting your flag and taking the first steps.

"Really big energy. Nice break from work. Thank you for making this"


How to Convince Someone in Five Minutes

This workshop is very practical and will get everyone in the room to know everyone else. The end result is that everyone in the room will be much more competent at getting the first five minutes of a discussion to lead to a deeper connection than they usually get.

The workshop is designed around working in pairs with certain tasks for 5 minutes per round.
After every round, feedback is given, and then the pairs rotate. The same procedure is then repeated.

During the session, we will take small breaks to teach key concepts around > how to listen;

> how to share;

> how to offer help with finesse.

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How to Get Prepared for Huge Events

You’ll hear more about the investor mindset and learn how to prepare for big events like Slush or Arctic15, and how to get as much value from them as possible.


> What to do before the event to secure meetings;

> How to stand out when requesting meetings;

> Other tips and tricks to maximize the usefulness of an event.


Internship Accelerator + Business Accelerator = Love

As founder of Euro Scalers Rasmus came up with the idea of combining trained interns with the startup companies looking to grow in international markets.

During the workshop you'll learn:

> How to make tranieeship a win-win for the company and trainee

> How to make your own internship accelerator program

> Tips and tricks to make it run smoothly



The Science of Networking - the workshop

The workshop is based on the book "Friend of a Friend" by David Burkus.

Networking has kind of a dirty sound to it - it feels artificial and reminds us of someone force feeding you their business card.

That is not the way marketing should be done and there is a a scientific method to how it's done right.

During the workshop you'll learn:

> Empathic goal setting in networking

> How to involve your weak ties in your life

> Clusters, how they trap you and how to get out

> How to be a relationship broker

> Creating your own dream tribe


Image by Christine Jou
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